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September 27, 2019

Many of us worry and consider it an impossible feat to tell our boss we need an hour each week for therapy.  You have tried every evening puzzle between your kids school events, after school sports and lessons, the sitter and your favorite therapist only has daytime ho...

Brainspotting is a quickly becoming the newest treatment modality for trauma and trauma related disorders.  I am currently in training to learn how to use this promising new treatment with clients struggling to address PTSD.  What is this new treatment?...

Helping a client achieve healing is the goal of every therapist.  It is not always the easiest achievement.  Its takes a therapist years to feel they have mastery over this task. Each client has their own story, history, environment, challenges, motivations and commitm...

Yes it is the New Year and you find yourself identifying things you would like to improve or change.  Some of us don't even get past the start line because we are overwhelmed and feel paralyzed by all of our other responsibilities at work, home, with our children, in o...

December 12, 2017

My 10 year old daughter appeared a little sad the other day.  When I asked her what was happening, she responded, "Mama, my friend Aaila is Muslim and she gets very sad when everybody is talking about Christmas and Santa Claus because she doesn't celebrate these holida...

October 10, 2017

You turn on the TV and see the news coverage of another mass shooting.  The most common reaction is to have multiple reactions ranging from wanting to ignore it, turn off the TV and do everything within your power to not let you children even know it happened, feeling...

 These videos are meant to serve as a resource for EMDR Treatment, they are NOT actual clients of MACS and are publicly available, linked from other sources.

20/20 Highlighted the efficacy of EMDR Therapy

Ted Talks | Eye Movements May Be Able to Heal Our Trauma...

When someone is looking for help, they often get dazzled by fancy websites, attractive photographs, and well spoken market driven therapists.  But is that what really works?  If you take some time and "do your research", you will find there is often one clear therapeut...


EMDR is a therapeutic approach for treating experientially based disorders and emotional difficulties that are caused by disturbing life experiences, ranging from traumatic events such as combat stress, assaults, and natural disaster, to upsetting childhoo...

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Therapy During Work Hours: How to Get Your Boss to Agree

September 27, 2019

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