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​​Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)

Is an evidence based treatment approach shown to help children & teens and their non offending parents, as well as adults, overcome trauma-related difficulties.  In order to participate in TFCBT, the client must be able to remember the trauma and be able to engage in expression of the experience.  It is designed to reduce negative emotional and behavioral responses by addressing distorted beliefs and attributions related to the abuse.   Our TF-CBT clinicians have all been throughly trained in the model and have practiced it for many years.     

Trauma Focused CBT therapy
What Behaviors Are Treated with TFCBT?​

​Maladaptive or unhelpful beliefs and attributes including: Guilt, anger, feelings of powerlessness, low self esteem, feelings of being inferior, belief that they are damaged goods, fear of other learning about the issue and treating them differently, acting out behaviors of engaging in age inappropriate sexual behavior, mental health disorders including depression, PTSD including intrusive & reoccuring thoughts, avoidance of reminders, emotional numbing, irritability, trouble sleeping and physical & emotional hyperarousal.

TF CBT therapist in Charlotte NC
What Are the Outcomes?
Eight empirical studies to date have shown that 80% of participates who successfully completed treatment show marked improvement within 16 sessions and maintain these gains at the 2 year followup.  They typcially experience fewer intrusive thoughts & avoidance behaviors, increase ability to cope, reductions in depression, anxiety, disassociation, sexualized behavior, shame, and improved trust and social competence.
TFCBT qualified clinicians in Charlotte NC
Who is Appropriate for this Therapy?​


Children who are school aged through adolescence as well as adults are appropriate.  Children must be verbal and able to participate in some written activities.  The client MUST be able to remember the trauma & be able to express it.  Younger children can be helped by traditional play therapy.  TFCBT is NOT appropriate for children who's main problems are conduct disorders or behavioral issues that were present before the trauma, suspected trauma where the client has not yet disclosed, active substance abusers, people who refuse or incapable of expressing their trauma, and teens who run away, cut or engage in self harm. For these teens, DBT is necessary before TFCBT.

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