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Family Therapy 

Families can be a wonderful source of happiness, support and security.  Whenever a family is not communicating effectively, has strained relationships or ineffective ways of dealing with issues, the family system can become a source of great conflict and pain.

Family Therapy can helps family members improve the way they interact with each other and learn more effective ways to resolve conflict.  Family therapy can also be effective for intensive issues such as when the family system is impacted by a traumatic incident with one member such as rape, death, chronic abuse/neglect or mental illness.

Family Therapy in Charlotte NC
Family Counseling in Charlotte NC
Therapy for Families in Charlotte NC

Our Family Therapists

Alexis Perry, LCSWA has a passion for family therapy.  Whether is working with families who have a member in our DBT program, new parents, a family with a struggling teenager or those who need improved communication skills, Alexis can help.  As a Doula, Alexis has a special insight into how having a baby, adoption or a bonus child by marriage can affect the family system.  Alexis is part of our DBT Team and enjoys focusing on helping families learning to implement the specific skills of the model.  She is also LGBTQIA+ informed.  

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Dr. Leigh Hicks, LCSWA loves working with families.  As our Teen Program Director, her focus in on helping families who struggle with the adolescent phase as well as young adult support and growth models.  Dr. Hicks focuses on the family and is committed to improving its function, affection and happiness. 

Larry Loughery, LCMHC enjoys working with couples and families. He is trained in the Gottman Model and offers premarital and relationship counseling to address communication, relational functioning, lowered intimacy, infidelity and overall diminished functioning within couples and family systems.  Larry has a rich life experience within the veteran community, blue collar and white collar vocations and multicultural experiences and appreciation.  

Jennifer Macchia, LCMHC enjoys working with families who have small children and teens. With her speciality in play therapy and child directed services, Jennifer is skilled at working within family dynamics.  She is direct and knowledgeable using family systems theory to help families achieve their goals of improved functioning.  

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