Teletherapy/Video Therapy


We now offer Therapy via Theranest  (A HIPAA Compliant Video Embedded Platform into our EHR) for clients who fit a specific clinical criteria.  We do not use Skype or Facetime as these platforms are not HIPPA compliant. This allows our clients and our practice to save time and resources while providing quality therapeutic services.  Please be aware that some insurance companies will not pay for tele-therapy and thus may have to be paid for out of pocket. COVID- 19 has lifted most restrictions temporarily. Please check with your insurance company.



  • Clinician's must be licensed in the state where the client is standing to provide therapy via teletherapy. If you are moving out of state, or going to college in a different state, you can request your clinician contact the states licensing board to determine if a temporary license can be attained so you can continue to be provided therapy via video format if you are close to case closure or until another therapist can be located for you. You will be responsible for the cost of that license if required.


     We currently have clinicians licensed in NC and 1 clinician licensed in Tennessee

  • You must have the a video/audio devices such a phone, computer or tablet.

  • An in-person assessment is required at the office.  Additionally, we request that you complete one in the office session every 6 weeks.

  • You must be an adult or individually assessed for appropriateness as a teen or child.

  • You must agree to not use teletherapy services if you are suicidal, have a history of suicide attempts, thoughts or ideas. 

  • You must agree to have a 24/7 hour psychiatric facility or acute care center you can access should the need arise via the recommendation of your therapist.

  • We do not accept clients for teletherapy with a personality disorder, bipolar, psychotic disorders or any other serious mental health issues.  We will screen you for acceptance.

  • You must fully understand and agree to the terms of the teletherapy agreement clarifying the limits of confidentiality and terms of treatment via this method.

  • You must be able to have a quiet, safe and confidential place away from distractions to engage in the teletherapy.

  • You must pay for your therapy prior to your meeting using a credit card on file or by an invoice paid over the internet.

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