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Professional Clinical Supervision

Choosing the right clinical supervisor is the single most important factor in clinician success and preparation for full licensure practice.  The relationship between the supervisor and the clinician associate is essential.  As you are researching Supervisor options, please ask potential supervisors these questions:


  • How long has the supervisor been practicing as a clinician?  How much of this was in direct practice verses adminstrative work?

  • What populations does the clinician have expertise in treating?

  • How many successful clinicians has the Supervisor provided supervision to?

  • How long has the Supervisior been providing clinical supervision?

  • Will they provide you with a list of past supervisees to speak with about their experience?

  • Have they completed any specialized trainings in providing clinical supervision?


Initial Meeting/Interview:  Free

Subsequent Individual Supervision: $95

Supervision Via Technology: $95 (up to 20 hours)

Group Supervision: $45 (based on group availability)






LCSW Supervision


Caroline B. McCloud, MSW, LCSW, NCCE has over 20 years of clinical experience and has successfully supervised more than 25 LCSWA's and LPCA's since 1997.  She is a NASW Certified Clinical Supervisor. Caroline has provided both individual and group supervision to clinicians in private practice, DSS agency clinical positions, not for profit community service clinicians, mental health center clinicians, resdiential services clinicians, adoption clinicians and foster care clinicians.  Caroline uses for approved technology supervision with established LCSWA's according to NCSWCLB guidelines.


Caroline's style is personable and nurturing.  She works to assess the clinical associate at their current level to develop their individual supervision plan.  Caroline's clinical strengths lie in child abuse/neglect identification and treatment, family disruptions due to a variety of situations, court involved families, children from 3 through adulthood, adoptions, adjustments, trauma, involvement of resistant clients, diagnosis and treatment of most common mental health conditions, play therapy and evidence based therapies.



Initial Meeting/Interview:  Free

Subsequent Individual Supervision: $95

Group Supervision: $45 (based on group availability)





LPC, LCAS & CSAC Supervision



Dr. Kristina M. Acosta, PhD, LPC, LPCS, LCAS, NCC has over 10 years of clinical experience. She obtained a PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision in December 2013 from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  Her training there emphasized advanced counseling theory and application as well as clinical supervision.  During her doctoral program, she supervised counseling students while participating in their practicum and internship experience.


Dr. Kristina has special interest in working with adult clients and is competent to supervise on the following issues: addiction, depression, stress, grief, loss and change, self-esteem, trauma, stress-management and anxiety, and as well as helping children and adolescents with personal adjustment and behavioral problems. Her approach to clinical supervision is multicultural and contextual as well as personable and nurturing.   


Dr. Kristina is able to supervise those pursuing their LPC as well as CSACs and LCASs who are registered with NCSAPPB.

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