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When someone is looking for help, they often get dazzled by fancy websites, attractive photographs, and well spoken market driven therapists. But is that what really works? If you take some time and "do your research", you will find there is often one clear therapeutic treatment modality that is scientifically studies and scientifically proven effective. You don't just want to talk to someone about your trauma, you want to GET BETTER- fast as possible. You want to go to the best provider, who provides the best treatment. Therapy is an expensive investment that you do not mind making if it brings the results you are seeking. If you want to get better faster, you need EMDR.

Overview of EMDR with Research References

EMDR is one of the most researched psychotherapeutic treatments for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD

EMDR Blog in the NY Times

Questions and Answers by Psychological Pioneer Francine Shapiro on the EMDR Process.

Scientifically Published EMDR Studies

See all the multitude of empirical studies published on the efficacy of EMDR

EMDR Milestones: The First 20 Years

This article provides an overview of significant milestones in EMDR history over the first 20 years

Looking for more compilations of information on EMDR and other trauma treatments, please check out www.thetraumaspecialists.org

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