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My Child Says You are Just Playing...

When parents are looking for therapy for their children- they often learn about "Play Therapy". But what is it? Am I simply paying for an adult to "play" with my child? When I ask them how therapy was, they say, "we just played."...

Play therapy is based on years of scientific evidence that a child's natural means of expression is play. Play and expressive mediums such as art, music, and even sometimes technology are the primary therapeutic methods used to assist a child in the goals of expressing, processing, and also coping with emotional stress or trauma. Research has demonstrated the efficacy this approach with children and pre-teens, and even in the family system (often called Filia Play or Theraplay). Play therapy is effective with most issues children face including, anxiety, trauma, divorce/blended families, adjustment disorders, grief and school problems.

There many different theoretical approaches within the field of play therapy and our clinicians are experienced in both non- directive and directive interventions, tailoring the approach to the child and the presenting concerns. Directive Play Therapy is also useful in teaching specific skills or used in evidence based models such as EMDR, TFCBT and Theraplay. By playing with specific categories of toys, materials and with the therapeutic container created by the therapist, the child plays out his/her feelings, bringing these hidden emotions to the surface where they can face them and cope with them outside of direct cognitive awareness. It feels like play, but it is actually work.

Our clinician's are wonderful in explaining the areas in which your child is working and the progress being made in play therapy. If you have questions, please just ask for a time for them to speak to you more directly about your child's play therapy.

This video is a therapist effectively explaining Play Therapy



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