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Trauma is interwoven through so many human experiences from birth, through early childhood, parenting, relational, and throughout adulthood.

Memories, negative thoughts and beliefs scan remain. People often feel are stuck. Relationships, work performance, family and friendship are difficult to make or maintain. Sleep is disturbed. You are startled by noises or reminders happens. Reactivity and uneasiness are present  Sometimes it feels like depression, other times anxiety or panic.  Alcohol, drugs, shopping or sex may have been tried to medicate yourself.


You have found the right place to help. MACS was founded because most all mental health issues have a central theme of Trauma that informed and preceeded the problem, so we have found that addressing the Trauma is the solution. Whether you have a traditional Trauma diagnosis' such as PTSD or you are not sure of your diagnosis, we can help.  We treat trauma survivors such as first responders and people who have experienced birth trauma, crime victims & witnesses, domestic violence (physical/mental), drownings, car accident victims, sexual abuse survivors, human trafficking, bullying, and dog attack victims to name a few.   We also treat Anxiety, Abuse (childhood survivors), Depression, Grief & Loss, Phobias, Personality Disorders, OCD, Adjustments in Life and those who want an over all focus on their mental health. We treat children ages 8+, teens, adults, older adults, families and couples. Our practice is Affirming to All races, sex, gender, socio-economic, age, and orientation.  


Our clinicians are specialists who are trained in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), DBT and EMDR.  


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Virtual & In Person Therapy in NC

Whether you want traditional in the office therapy or you'd rather receive services in the comfort of your own space- we are here.  Therapy is work so we support whatever makes it easier for you.

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Therapy In the Media

Therapist Spotlight

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Emilee Futrell, LCMHCA, has just joined the practice as a Contracting Clinician.  We want to welcome her and spotlight her practice as she is accepting new clients.  Emilee has a unique focus with Athletes and Sports Related Issues including performance anxiety, burnout, pressure to excel, competition issues, depression, and coping with injuries or slumps. 

Emilee approaches therapy from a holistic, strength-based, and client centered model. She is currently training in DBT as well.  

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DBT Group

We have various DBT Groups:


Young Adult


Our meeting times vary and our groups are vitual and in person

LGBTA+ Group

This Group is designed to clients process a variety of topics essential to the community and identity in a safe supportive space.  Teen and Adult Group available.

Mondays at 6pm-7pm


Teen Self Esteem

This group is a Girls Circle Group designed to facilitate self esteem, problem solving skill, improve choice making skills and help teenagers navigate their changing world and how they fit. 

Wednesdays at 6pm- 7pm


This Group meets virtually and lead by Marissa Johnson, LCMHC


The group is designed to help those effected by trauma identify and treat somatic concerns and experiences.

Launching Adults Group

This Group facilitates and supports young adults moving from dependency to independence.  Providing support, education and psychological theory to self development, goal setting and attainment and social engagement. 


Tuesdays from 6pm-7:15pm

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