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We provide comprehensive, private and effective Addictions Treatment at MACS PLLC.  Our treatment focuses on Alcohol, Prescription Drugs, Designer Drugs, Street Drugs, Internet Addiction, Porn Addiction, Gambling, and Food Addiction.  

Addictions Services


Recovery Is Within Your Reach

Individual & Comprehensive Assessments

We assess the individual using a comprehensive assessment process that includes the family system, wellbeing, behavioral, medical and psychosocial components that contribute to a person's addiction profile. 

Individual Treatment Planning

Our Licensed Clinicians develop your treatment plan unique to you, your issues, your goals, and your challenges.  No cookie cutter- one size fits all treatment- assembly line treatment philosophy here!  Making your treatment as successful as possible is our goal. 

Individual Therapy

We provide therapy to clients on an individual basis.  Some clients feel more comfortable and benefit more from one on one treatment. We use treatment modules such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and EMDR. 

Group Therapy

We provide Group Therapy in a supportive environment so that clients can benefit from both professional guidance and peer relations. Often addictions can be a lonely place- using the group model, treatment can be improved, supplimented and supported.

Family Therapy & Support

Family systems are affected by substance abuse.  MACS can provide treatment for the whole family by comprehensive wrap around services so that all areas of the family can be supported.

Therapy for Children

Substance Abuse effects the entire family!  We offer comprehensive and clinically based play therapy for children who are effected by substance abuse in their family.  


Learning about substance abuse, it effects, how is changes the body and mind including family dynamics is an important step of treatment.  At MACS, we provide psychoeducation as a supporitve service to those in treatment. 

Substance Abuse Testing

We offer urine substance abuse screening to clients in treatment at our practice based on the clients treatment plan or client request.  All positives are then sent out for lab verification. 

Wellness Services

People are more than one dimensional.  Treatment needs to be multifacited as well.  We include services that address mind, body and spirit.  This includes essential oils, body work such as Reiki and massage, mindfulness and meditation training, and nutritional & suppliment support.

Relapse Prevention

Upon completion of substance abuse treatment, people often need ongoing support.  Relapse prevention services help clients anticipate challenges, develop a plan of response, and identify supportive factors, people and agencies that can assist in maintaining sobriety as well as address if and when a relapse happens.  

Aftercare Services

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