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In Home  Therapy  Services

Therapy is a wonderful tool for individuals and families.  However, sometimes getting to a therapists office is difficult if not impossible.  Families can be challenged by transportation issues, multiple siblings or members, or an anxiety disorder that prevents them from leaving their home.  There are other times that therapy provided in the home gives the therapist the best opportunity to observe and work within family dynamics.  

Jennifer Macchina, MA, LPC and Julie Dick, MSW, LCSWA are available to provide In Home Services to individuals/families that qualify.  If you are interested in this service and live between down town and the southern areas of Mecklenburg County, please feel free to contact our office.   

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In Home Therapists

Julie Dick, MSW, LCSW

Julie provides in home and in the office therapy to teens,individuals, couples and families in central and southern Mecklenburg County.

Jennifer Macchina, MA, LPCA

Jennifer is a therapist who provides play therapy to children, individual and family counseling in the home and office setting in central and southern Mecklenburg County