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Alexis Perry, MSW, LCSWA

Licensed Clinical Social Work Associate

Alexis Perry is a Licensed Clinical Social Work Associate (LSCWA) providing mental health services to adolescents (13-17) and adults. She is an Independent Contractor, not an employee, thus individually responsible for all aspects of your care while practicing under the supervision of her approved LCSW supervisor. Alexis is independently insured and manages her own practice. She contracts with MACS PLLC for marketing, billing, and office space. 


Alexis obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Hampton University and Masters in Social Work degree from Columbia University.


Alexis has a background in residential settings, mental health community based treatment, providing mental health skill building, intensive in-home services, parenting coaching, and therapeutic mentoring. She works primarily with teens, families and couples. She enjoys working with family system and couples and finds this client population to be her niche.  Alexis provides couples counseling and marriage therapy which helps couples improve their relationship and resolve conflicts. It is a collaborative process that involves both partners working together with a therapist to identify and address issues in their relationship. Couples therapy can be beneficial for couples at any stage of their relationship, whether they are just starting out or have been together for many years. Alexis uses  a variety of techniques, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and emotion-focused therapy (EFT), to help couples develop new ways of interacting and improving their relationship.

Alexis is also a mentor and a full spectrum doula and works with individuals with postpartum depression. She is experienced with working with the LGBTQ+ community, and teens and young adults who are dealing with depression, anxiety, and/or low self-esteem. Alexis also focuses with clients who experience mood instability, relationship challenges, parenting problems, career challenges, and goal setting.


Alexis is the founder and CEO of Self Similar, a non-profit organization that empowers youth to find themselves through the connections of others, with a primary focus on LGBTQ+ youth of color. Alexis is passionate about the LGBTQ+ community and helping young people discover themselves and internal happiness no matter their current circumstances. She aspires to empower you to become their best selves through goal setting and execution.


Alexis excels at building therapeutic relationships. She believes that when good rapport is established, a positive psychological climate is created. Alexis bases her therapy approach around three core principles: trust, respect, and compassion. Her therapeutic style is warm and interactive. She is a part of MACS’s Dialectical Behavior Therapy treatment team and is in the process of being intensively trained to focus on the family DBT dynamic. Alexis’s therapeutic style combines using a person centered approach – Dialectical Behavior Therapy, motivational interviewing, and solution focused and trauma focused interventions. However, Alexis understands that it is not a one size fits all module and is open to utilizing any modalities that will meet a client’s unique and specific needs.


Alexis’s life mission is to help you turn your mess into your message by encouraging you to uncover limiting beliefs and unlock true joy. 


She wants to remind you that alone you can only do so much, but together you can conquer the world! Let’s conquer the world with Alexis.


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